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Are you tired of losing money in the FOREX market? Don’t let unrealistic profit claims of online forex signal services fool you. You can make money without burning your funds many times over.

All you need is a system with good money management and monthly consistency and let the compounding take care of your wealth building.

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It's so easy to claim to be a financial guru online - make a slick website, throw in some bling photos on Instagram, preferably showing a rented Lambo and some girls by your side and people will want to follow in your success!

But what is desperately lacking with most financial services are verifiable results of their tradings showing realistic and repeatable results. 

Why Use

Forex Targets?

Best in class Forex signal service


We have more respect for our customers and general human intelligence than to advertise some masterpiece Forex system that offers amazing performance, no risk and a get-rich-quick-offer.

You know that there is no investment that can offer huge returns without any risk and we aren’t going to try to insult your intelligence by promising thousands of percent in return on investment.

What we do is simple. We use good old fashioned technical analysis to find precise trading points and put a lot of work into finding the correct entry points and tight stop loss that delivers great results for us and our clients.


The great thing about signals from ForexTargets is that they are suitable for novice traders, professional traders, bankers and investors alike.

We really don’t see any reason for you to sit transfixed in front of a computer screen 12 hours each day while you day-trade when you can get unrivaled results with 5 minutes of work.

We send you the exact entries, targets and stops. We take all the guesswork and hard work out of it for you. You don’t have to do a thing but follow directions and manage your trade – it’s that easy!

By using our signal service you can just sit back and relax! (or use your precious time to do something fun)


Why Trade Forex?

Huge Market

Much larger than the stock market.

Open Around the Clock

Asia, Europe, America give you access around the clock.

Liquidity of

the Market

Huge market means liquidity in the market.

Leveraged Trades

Most brokers offer highly leveraged trades. This is a double edged sword though...

Glass Buildings


Cumulative ROI

(last 12 months)


Average Monthly ROI



Signal Service



Average Number of Positions per Month


Forex Targets is part of the group of Signal Services.

Our aim is to become the worlds largest and most trusted Signal Service by providing only reliable and consistent ROI with verified performance.

Our promise to you is that we never lie about our performance and provide you with the same signals we trade for ourselves and the clients we manage.

We don't hype or lie about our performance. What you see is what you get.

We don't offer a "get rich quick" service - We do offer a very profitable long term strategy.

But in return we want only realistic investors to join us.

This means you realize that some months are profitable (about 75% of them) and some months there is a loss - with the aim of the next month making up for it.


Lars K, Lawyer

Over 700 pips in only two weeks!
My $100.000 fund has ballooned since joining this Forex service! I started four weeks ago with a demo account and started trading my real account after two weeks. Since then it's been an adventure!
The best thing is that that risk is very low, which can't be said for many other forex services!
I love these guys! :)

Mitch F, Programmer

Finally I've found a signals provider that is honest and great performing! Been following the service without buying for a few months as most don't stick around too long after they take your money.
The signals have been giving great ROI so I'll be sticking with them for a long time :)

Mark C, Administrator

Just bought the trial plan and look forward to trying this. I sent them numerous emails to get more information about their signals and they were answered promptly and thoroughly. So far so good!


How Our Signal Sevice Works

Four Simple Steps to Consistant & Compounding Profits


We send you an email notification 12 hours before the position opens

- plenty of time and no stress.


You enter the trade signal at your broker 5 minutes before markets open.


We send you an email notification 12 hours before the position closes - plenty of time and no stress.


You exit the position 5 minutes before the market closes. 


What to do now?

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  • Consistant Performance

  • Great Return on Investment

  • Simple and low maintenance

  • Takes under 30 minutes each month

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(normally $127)

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