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One of the oldest & most reliable Forex Signal Services! 

We are Re-launching June 8th 2020!

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Copy Trading

Copy Trading enables investors to automatically copy ForexTarget's positions in the currency market. Our advanced trading system copies our trades to your MetaTrader account.

Manual Trading

Get ForexTarget signals straight to your email inbox. You get our signals well in advance to execute them on your trading platform of choice. 

Responsible & Realistic Performance

Our service is for the advanced and mature trader. We offer a realistic way to make a steady and healthy ROI on your fund.

What sets ForexTargets apart from other forex signal services is that we do not try to sell the get-rich-quick scam of most forex websites.

We take a sensible & responsible approach to Forex and investing, where responsible money management is crucial for long-term success.

New traders with unrealistic expectations end up losing everything within a few weeks. Our founders have been successfully trading Forex for almost 20 years!


Remember that long-term investment in Forex is not about a high Pip count - it's all about the ROI of your Investment! The true measure of performance is Return/Risk, not simply Return.

Do not get fooled by outrageous Pip claims or ridiculous fund increases some websites make!

What they aren't telling you is the huge amount of risk their trades involve and that your fund can get wiped out in only a few trades! Sure...you can get lucky a few times, but your luck will run out and you will be broke!

We’ve seen it all too many times!

This is why we truly believe that our Forex signals are among the best forex signal services you can find online when based on Risk and Profit. 

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We stand for Responsible & Realistic FX Gains!

Run by experienced and reliable traders

If outrageous and unrealistic claims appeal to you...

Please go elsewhere - we are not the service for you
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